“The knife, be careful. Darling, No!”

My latest six word story. What do you think happened there? Drop your views in the comment section, we’ll see who got closest to what I imagined.

This will be fun.

Also, I’m obsessed with the word ‘Darling’ these days.

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15 thoughts on “Darling

  1. nothing happened, the knife slipped and no one got hurt

  2. gallerygroove says:

    Umm she was going to cut veggies or fruits n her mum/whoever was telling her to be careful? And she finally did injure herself? Fail?

  3. Maryam says:

    I’m sad to say my imagination is so much more violent than you guys think =P

  4. gallerygroove says:

    she was trying to kill herself then? 😛

  5. gallerygroove says:

    Shouldn’t the N of no be small?

  6. gallerygroove says:

    Ab bata bhi do 😛

  7. “So I’ll roll the knife back and forth and back and forth and… oh my, don’t squirm dear. We wouldn’t want you to stain your pretty dress. Not when he’s watching. Men don’t like it when you taint the things they gave you. Now, there’s a pretty doll.”

    “I’ll show you pretty doll!”

  8. willowdot21 says:

    Well darling A walked into the kitchen and saw B messing in the toaster with a knife! The toaster was still plugged in! Well Darling A watched helpless as B suffered a fatal exlectric shock!

  9. myrthryn says:

    This was close to what I was thinking, but involved four bedposts, and perpendicular wrist slices.


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