Do you read my letters? Do you?

I write letters

on faded paper


pretending to work on a typewriter –

messy stains

click. clack. Ting.


They question me.

My sanity


She can not read.

(She’s dead)

(She’s dead)


Are you?

Then how do you speak to me?

I know no


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9 thoughts on “Do you read my letters? Do you?

  1. I read your letters
    As you read mine
    The dialogues exist in our heads,
    And hence are real.
    If the Dialogues are real,
    the person we’re conversing with must also be
    And Sanity, dear one, is so last season.

  2. abichica says:

    scarry poetry.. but i like it.. 🙂

  3. Maybe The Soul Exists In Unknown Lands, Keeping A Gaze Over Our Strayed Off Pens? May Be The Soul Stalks Our Words Like A Ghost, And We Don’t Even Realize Their Existence In Our Lonely Moments.

    [I Fell In Love With The Last Lines, Really Awesome. ^_^]

  4. Xehra says:


  5. Eddie says:

    I went through your blog.Very interesting work. I following this. Keep it up.


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