The Rising Sun Experience – Day 4

Meet Zohair

I’m tired, angry and overworked. I don’t mind being tired or overworked, but angry is an entirely different story.

Today I was given of decorating a class called the Self Care Training Class. It is here that the children learn how to wash hands, button up shirts, tie shoelaces, and all other things that one has to do daily. Decorating isn’t all that difficult, the posters and charts just have to be colorful and cute. I, along with a friend, made a few posters today, putting in at least 3 hours work.


The teacher, she rejected them. All of them. Every single one of them.


I’m not one to show anger so I didn’t say anything then, but my partner went to our coordinator and begged her to talk to the teacher. She did but to no avail. Our coordinator said she’ll tell us our ‘course of action’ tomorrow. The way she said it made it seem like we were planning a conspiracy against the Self Care teacher. I hope we do something radical.


Oh and the boy in the picture is Zohair, the adorable little boy I told you about. He was watching nursery rhymes in the computer lab when I clicked this.

And Moiz, my high-five buddy, remembers me! Even though I just spent a day with him. His class teacher says that’s very extra-ordinary. I think the back scratching paid off. Haha. And he still wants a high five every time he does his counting. Really cute.



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7 thoughts on “The Rising Sun Experience – Day 4

  1. asoulwalker says:

    Children can warm your heart in a way that no one else can. Thank God for the children.

  2. Hmm… So you had a taste of REALITY when bosses/seniors snubs/degrades you without any reason. I think anger isn’t a good idea. Outsmart em. Earn their grudging respect.
    And Yeah! Kids are adorable until they grow-up 😉
    P.S Cheer Up! 🙂


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