The Rising Sun Experience – Day 3

No sight? No problem!

This is what I love about the Rising Sun Institute, they have slogans like the one above outside every room. This one is pasted outside the room for the visually impaired children.

Today, we taught them about the different parts of a computer. Then they learned how to type. You have to hand it to them, I can’t type without looking at the keyboard after intervals, but these kids, they memorized the placement of ALL the keys in a matter of minutes.

One of the children in this class, Abdullah, has Down Syndrome, two holes in his heart and a visual impairment. Really, aggresive, he hit me on the head when I came to sit in front of him and then started kicking me with all the strength he could muster, which was an incredible lot for a three year old. But we became friends soon. He’s got an adorable smile, the kind that makes you want to pinch his cheeks and cuddle him.

I’m really tired today, so I’ll stop here. On Tuesday we’ll be taking the children to McDonald’s, I’ll get pictures for you all to see =)

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One thought on “The Rising Sun Experience – Day 3

  1. Hahaha,
    I like this kid.
    And yes, pics please!


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