The Rising Sun Experience – Day 1

They have eyes, and they see. Just a little differently from the way we do. They have legs, like us, but they can’t walk the Earth like we do. They have a mind, and they do think, it’s just that their wave length is different. Does that make them any less than us? I don’t think so.

Today was my first day as an intern at Rising Sun Institute for Special Children. These children, they are special indeed, and just a day with them left me humbled and thankful to God.

My day was divided into two parts. Half was spent in the Computer Lab where I was part of the Resource Development section. The other half was spent teaching visually impaired children. The latter was what I liked more. It made me feel like I was doing something for some one. While in the Computer Lab, we downloaded resource material for children with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. There are a lot of fun games and animations online to help them develop social skills.

Moving on to the teaching part. The classroom I was sent to had three children, I was responsible for two of them. A young boy named Sohbat and a girl named Tayyaba. Both are five years old and have severe cases of Aniridia. To Sohbat, I explained the climate changes in the Poles, the fact that the Sun never shows itself in Winters and stays all day long in Summers. And then I felt sad, because he himself has never seen the sun.

Tayyaba was given a blow by blow account of what happened when Goldilocks went into the forest. She laughed. I laughed with her. And for a while, the world seemed simple.

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6 thoughts on “The Rising Sun Experience – Day 1

  1. willowdot21 says:

    What a wonderful yu are doing, learn well and spread the joy! I wish you all the best. xxx

  2. This is amazing. I’m glad you liked it Mi.
    Can’t wait to join up next year!


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