Tell Me All Your Secrets

Tell me all your secrets

Lie with a solemn face

Lie with sad eyes under sleep-heavy lids.

Make up those secrets you wish you had.

Tell me all those that weren’t yours to start with.

Tell me love.

Tell me hate.

Tell me the Earth was flat when you first learned to walk,

Turned round just so I could fall

After every step taken to get to you.

Tell me secrets, big and small.

About her.

About him.

About yourself and I.

Tell me all you have.

Tell me what you never were,

What you show,

What you are.

Tell me all your secrets.

Tell me all you hide

Even from yourself.


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One thought on “Tell Me All Your Secrets

  1. willowdot21 says:

    I love this I really do!


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