The Wish – Not Too Late, I Hope

Can I curse myself or can I curse myself.

It’s someones birthday today and even though I remembered all about it till yesterday, dawn came and my mind became a clean slate.

So a wish is in order, and if I can’t do it through a poem, then what can I do it through? So here you go, you ace photographer, a birthday wish crafted specially for you:

Break the bottle,

let it flow, take a glass

touch it to your lips –

cold, so cold

but just yours to taste.

Stare the sun right in the eye,

but welcome it, smile at it,

it dawned on you,

brighter than ever in the year this morning,

bright as it is on this time of the year, every year.

Every single year.

Say the words, over and over,

the world is yours, the world is yours.

You make it run, yes you do,

just simply by being you.

And now that you’re an year older,

an year wiser, an year smarter,

look back and smile

at the mistakes you made,

the rights you did,

the wrongs you did.

Smile, don’t you dare let those muscles droop.

It’s your day.

And all that is what brought you to it.

Not one of my good ones, but hell, it’s for you. Stay happy You.


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2 thoughts on “The Wish – Not Too Late, I Hope

  1. willowdot21 says:

    a birthday wish that would please anyone even a king!!

  2. asoulwalker says:

    A poem for a birthday… what a great gift– so often given and never received. Nicely done.


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