Things To Do Before You Die…

Dot the night sky with fiery lanterns

Let red rule the expanse for a little while.

Sit, with feet dangling in the quick sand pit.

Let your toes be sucked in –

rip them out.

Live a second life,

hold your first for ransom –

take what you want, then kill it.

Bring a suitcase, fill it with rocks –

lug it around, leave it in a motel room,

the cheap kind –

cigarette burned carpets.

Light the world on fire,

get jailed for arson, burn down a falling building.

Think bigger, sin bigger.

I’ll do that too.

We’ll bring out the worst in us.

We’ll live.

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4 thoughts on “Things To Do Before You Die…

  1. Glen Green says:

    I have one of those suit cases. This is vivid and has an unleashed feeling to it. i like this very much.

  2. willowdot21 says:

    II love it Bunny can I come with you ? 🙂


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