Not Quite (The Meeting)

It was quiet

All I could hear was the wind

Whizzing past my ears

Through my hair

That fanned around,

Peacock feathers,

Up, down, in a crazy dance.


I saw you,

Sitting quiet,

Staring at the fingers

That would be mine to hold.


But not quite.


Dressed in black,

You sat, a statue,

Never looking up,

Though I knew you wanted to.


I, in white,

Looked at you,

At the person I knew

Since ever so long

But not quite.

Not at all.


You felt my stare,

I saw a smile forming

I took it as a sign to look away,

I smiled

We shared the moment.

The first for us.

But not quite.

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4 thoughts on “Not Quite (The Meeting)

  1. asoulwalker says:

    Yay, you posted again! Very nice.

  2. I squealed when I read this.


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