Serious Question

Is my poetry good enough to be published? I really need to know and would appreciate honest answers. Thanks.


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6 thoughts on “Serious Question

  1. willowdot21 says:

    Yes especially of late your poetry has evolved. I wish you all the best. Remember it can be painful if your work is returned with a polite refusal. If you are serious just keep sending your work out believe in yourselve you will be successful one way or another. Believe In yourself. 🙂 🙂 xxx

    • Thanks! I’m actually immune to rejections by now.=P I’m working on creating a sizeable manuscript to send to some publishers. Hopefully something will come out of it =)

  2. Stupid question, seeing as how we all love your poetry Wabbit 😛
    But yes, I think it is good. Really good. You just have to steel yourself because some publishers might not agree. But thats all right. Just keep at it.
    Oh and autographed copy please.

  3. khadeeja says:

    yeah personalized-home-delivered-autographed copy here too 😛
    Mia why publishers, i never got any publishers involved :/

  4. Prof_Pepper says:

    Honesty it shouldn’t matter what anyone thinks. Although yes you are good enough. I love you work. Like everyone else who commented. You are a gifted writer.


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