The Death of Music

I’ve realized I’m a good singer. The realization came, not when I heard my voice aided by the excellent acoustics of my bathroom, not even because all my friends think so. The realization came when I heard around fifty girls get up on stage and sing one at a time, and most of them tore apart every tune and melody that the song had.

I do not endorse murder, but I witnessed it and did not try and stop it. I did not even leave in protest. They are right when they say that bad things are always attractive.

I remember reading a quote by Samuel Coleridge that went something like swans sing before they die, it wouldn’t be bad if certain people die before they sing.

I am guilty of exaggeration, yes. But I am in a dramatic mood and the poor contestants are bearing the brunt of it. I apologize sincerely to all who take what I said to heart. (Not that any of the contestants would be reading this)

A special shout out to a friend and a friend who played Amir Zaki’s “Mera Pyar” and strummed it too. You two are true rockstars, girls!

And maybe I’ll be confident enough next year to get up on stage and burn my lungs out. That would be a better than tearing other peoples’ eardrums

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3 thoughts on “The Death of Music

  1. NooRehman says:

    I’m glad you weren’t there when I stood up to sing!
    *glares at stereotypical idiots*
    Full report on mine.


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