Happy Birthday!

An year older

An year wiser,

smarter, stronger

and all the things you weren’t before.

To the one friend with whom I’m shared the happiest, the saddest, the most beautiful and the most miserable of times.

To the times spent gossiping

listening to each others “problems”

pretending to be okay even though the other could see clearly through

To the promises made to each other and ourselves

failing to keep them

and laughing at our own stupidity.

To saying that now was the time that we would change. Stop letting others walk over us as if we meant nothing. To forgetting and all that and being our sweet selves.

To the lameness, making music with rattles and singing Avril.

Exchanging books and ideas and our general disapproval of the world.

To deciding that we’re old enough to brave the world on our own.

To making crush lists ( I still have them somewhere)

and trying to watch Original Sin (failing)

and all the other randomness that we’ve done together.

Happy Birthday Angbeen. I Wuv you. XOXOXOX



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