My Mind Does Funny Things At Times

And life is just a pebble

I choose to stumble upon


I don’t like typing. For some reason I find it annoying.

And my laptop’s about to sleep and it’s one of the many load shedding hours that plague my nation so I’ll finish this post… when I feel like it.

I’m back with a little something I wrote while sitting in the college cafeteria yesterday while listening to “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift (the OST for The Hunger Games)

Both hands around the styrofoam coffee cup

I sit in the shadows

(The draughtiest corner)

with a scalded tongue

and a thousand different reasons to cry

“You’ll be alright’

I hear the lie so innocently said

But it’s still what it is

A lie.

They lie,

You lie

And you get away with it every time.

I, caught like a flailing fish,

Out of water

Out of my element –

I burn my tongue,

A punishment for your sins.


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6 thoughts on “My Mind Does Funny Things At Times

  1. willowdot21 says:

    I swear it is not a lie when I say this is a brilliant blog, it shows an inner self looking out at a mad and uncaring world where it is easier to lie, with, you will be all right, you will get better, things will be okay, instead of honestly asking, can I help, what can I do , shall I listen to your worries or your story! ..sadly we are so shallow it is on similar lines to my recent blog “Was it something we know that made her go?” similar but but not the same. If you are feeling low, chin up your friends on here will not lie to you .. keep blogging you are interesting.xx

  2. deja says:

    Kis ne jhoot bola mere bunny the wabbit ke sath? :@

  3. Maggie Mae I says:

    Very interesting post. I’ll be coming back to see how things are 🙂

  4. Salman Latif says:

    Some times, one really doesn’t have anything else to say except ‘its all right.’
    Well written! 🙂


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