Talking books…

The Hunger Games Poster

Obsessed with The Hunger Games. Truly. Madly. Deeply. This book has a likeable female character. And that is saying alot because I’ve never found a book in which I like the female protagonist soooo much. And the guys aren’t half bad too. Peeta made me cry a lot throughout the three books and now I want to cry some more while watching the movie that comes out on the 23rd of March.


Anyways… While reading this book I remembered this one bus ride in which I had the misfortune of sitting next to the Philosophy lecturer from my college.

I was reading a book by Barbara Delinsky (don’t remember which one) and she asked me to show it to her. After turning and examining the book from all sides:

Her: How do you read this?

I: It’s actually quite simple.

Her: No, I mean how do you read Popular Fiction? It is so basic.

I: Umm… I enjoy it.

Her: Well, I only read classics.

I: Oh.. (I suck at making small talk)

Her: You should read them too, they make you see life from a different angle.

I: I do read classics. It’s just that I do light reading too.

Her: Oho, I’m sure I know what classics you read. Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte. Or maybe Dickens if you want something heavy. (Dickens is heavy?) Those are books that I read in school. (well, so did I, but I’m too polite to mention) You should read Tolstoy and Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Read them already) I could lend them to you if you want.

I: Oh thanks but when it comes to classics, I prefer Kafka and Dostoevsky. And Euripedes and Aristophanes when I want to read ‘Heavy’.

That kept her quiet for the rest of the ride.

Sweet satisfaction.

P.s. This post was written using my new laptop. Yay.

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3 thoughts on “Talking books…

  1. Glen Green says:

    Served a nice dose of humility.

  2. deja says:

    Lolllllllll. Kafka and Dostoevsky. And Euripedes and Aristophanes. xD
    Rock on girl. xx

  3. willowdot21 says:

    Good for you I do hate it when people talk down to you and make assumptions as to your mental abilities because of your age your looks or even who you are!! It happened to me a lot and still does occasionally! Well done for shutting her up!! and I have a laptop too GREATTTTTTTTTTTTT!! have a good weekend!!


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