I Have…

I have…

A title for my book

pads of white paper

inviting the pink pen I choose to work with

I have a story

A character

no, two.

Time, there is a lot

inclination, not so much.


Semester break is here and I’m spending my days reading book after book. My 2012 challenge is 100 and I’ve already completed 4 and am halfway through the 5th.

River Sutra      A Woman's Place    Love and Longing in Bombay   Lake News  The Wandering Falcon

Click on the pictures and you’ll reach the reviews.


And yes, I’m working on a novel. Tips and tricks of the trade, anyone?

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2 thoughts on “I Have…

  1. willowdot21 says:

    Love the poem, tips set yourself a goal for each day, decide how long you will spend each day writing the novel and stick to it. If you don’t reach your goals or the words do not come? DO NOT PANIC! WHhat more can I say ? good luck xxxxx

  2. deja says:

    wow good to hear from you love. all the best xx


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