So there’s news. Big, huge, gigantormous news. But it’s a secret so I’m not supposed to tell. Lips being sealed and all that, and they were quick to mention that my fingers shouldn’t spill anything either. Yes, they know me quite well.

But the news has left me both scared and excited. Confusing still, I’m scared and excited about pretty much the same things. And there’s no one who can pull me out of this confusion, at least for now.


And I know I’m not making any sense so I’m sorry for that.

Oh remember the script that I posted here a few days back? We had to act it out in class. And we were really really good.

This is what the stage (the front of the classroom) looked like when I was done with the set up:

My course instructor LOVED it. Yay =)

Back to crazily frustrating happy confusing scary news.

Is this a ploy to give me my book back? Just wondering.

Why can’t I tell anyone? I’m positively bursting to blurt it out. But I can’t =(

Wait I must till the fog clears and I see the path I’m supposed to be walking on.

I need to write a poem about this.

I’ll be back with it tomorrow Inshaa Allah.

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2 thoughts on “Zip

  1. willowdot21 says:

    Wahey man I can’t wait !


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