One Way Ticket To Hell

A blog post by me first published at The Express Tribune Blog.

Unrequited lover or  psychopathic stalker, I can’t help being angry, depressed, repulsed at the act committed by a boy of 23 years of age outside my college gates. Shams Alam murdered Samar Wasti  because she wouldn’t marry him. He then went on to commit suicide mere seconds later.

I did not know Samar personally but she was a fellow student. I had seen her around college a number of times, with friends, at the café, studying. Never in a million years would it have crossed anyone’s mind that this young girl of just 19 would never see another birthday.

I was fortunate (ironic how people can be fortunate in the most unfortunate of times) to have not heard the gunshots, or seen the stream of blood coursing its way down the pedestrian bridge where the incident took place, or even seen the lifeless bodies of Samar and the boy who allegedly ‘loved’ her. I was lucky enough to not have seen it first-hand unlike many of my classmates who were present there. But the media of our time is cruel and unforgiving. Witness the dead bodies, I did, blood, gun and all, on national television.

The image of Samar’s corpse sprawled on the bridge right outside our college was something us girls could have done without.

Having spoken to one of Samar’s friend a few minutes after the incident (we travel by the same bus) I can state with assurance that Samar was a victim. Yes, she had been friends with the boy in school but she had tried time and again to sever contact with him when he declared that he wanted to marry her. Shams, the persistent stalker, didn’t back down even when Samar’s father politely asked him to.

Samar did not die right away, as the media reported. Her gun shots proved to be fatal, but had the ambulance arrived in time, who knows whether Samar would have survived or not. Jail Road is notorious for it’s traffic jams, but the one yesterday couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

I don’t want to delve into the details of the murder; I’m sure everyone is already aware of the gruesome details. I just want to highlight a few opinions that I came across on the internet about this cold blooded murder. Even though most, including the Kinnaird College administration have condemned the act, comments on different online forums have been upsetting and shocking. One girl said:

   “No comments.. but it is love…. I respect Shams’s love.. salute you Shams, yeh sab larki ki waja se hua hai. but itni bari saza bhi nhi deni chahye thi. Zbrdsti nikah kar leta. Then larki khud set ho jati.

It is all the girl’s fault but the punishment was a bit harsh. You should have forcefully married her, she would have been fine in no time.

Someone else had posted:

   “Every thing is fair in love and war.”

Reading such things makes me wonder how peoples’ minds work. Instead of condemning a murder and a suicide, they say that the girl and boy brought it upon themselves. Does that even matter now?

Will that bring any amount of solace to the family of the girl and even the two young sisters that Shams left behind?

The real question of why Shams had a gun, what mental problems he was suffering from, and how our country needs gun-control did not even surface.

All I can say is, Shams Alam bought a one-way ticket to hell, first by committing murder and then by suicide.

May Samar rest in peace.

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6 thoughts on “One Way Ticket To Hell

  1. pdasbarbara says:

    I fully agree with you on those nonsense comments (thats what I like to call them). I come across such pathetic 15 seconds of fame typers often in the many blogs I read. And it irks me no end when people justify a wrong act. Murder can never be justified. Love is not snatching and WHY is it always the GIRLS fault? when will we as a society grow up? The saddest part of it all is that these comments mostly come from the young generation, the present and the future. I dont see much of either if thats the mass speaking. May I and u outnumber such sick people. May the Shams of this world find their rightful place… under a psychologist’s care.

  2. Glen says:

    We don’t own each other. Ever. I’m sorry for all involved.

  3. willowdot21 says:

    I am so sorry that you have been exposed to this sad waste of life. I do not know your age but no age is ready to see such waste. I hate to hear of this obsession fed murder and suicide. No one has the sole right to anyone else and we all have to accept rejection at some point in our lives. I am so dreadfully sorry for the loss of a young girl and sorry also for the loss of a young man’s mind that lead to two deaths, the grief of four parents and any brothers and sisters and friends that there may have been. It seems each day in my country ( England) some one is shot or stabbed life is becoming cheap. We are loosing a whole generation. Hope seems to have left us. I pray we all wake up soon. You wrote a beautiful piece on the murder/ suicide if I can say that, you handled it well. May lessens be learned.xx

  4. Adnan Jabbar says:

    DUH – Whateves mate ! @ET didn’t published my comment and I have started to just stop reading anything from ET I’m just tired of the comment filtering, favoritism, 10 thing article fiasco and of such lame stories being published there without really getting the rundown of check list that even if those are the right one to publish. ET is more visited by the word of mouth rather than the stories they published and well I was also astonished how they juiced the story by changing name to “Devdas” (Ref. to your comment in a reply). Why our media outlets just like to shake things up a bit for their own good. Just deliver the damn news eh’.

    Well I would commend on the article but just to say I’m not against or nor for the whole act. You can see these girls / guys indulging in all sorts of acts now a days. KC / LC and Many other Colleges girls & guys are indulged in cafe’s and restaurants like bees lookin’ for the honey and when you have this sort of fact pacing society you see things like “People jumping from one partner to another partner” so fast that they usually don’t consider the emotions attached to it. I think the girl did wrong and the guy did wrong and whatever happened was a result of that recipe. Hey ! Clap happens with 2 hands eh’.

    And OMG the comments of ladies on this article seriously they have some GOD complex they all need to calm the ef’ down. Talkin about defending an institution which is struggling with it’s reputation. I have friends in KC and they tell me what happens behind those walls no one else usually knows outside. The matters are buried. Just examples the “Rapes” which have taken place in KC (Construction Areas) and LC (Construction Areas), Those people who have committed these crimes should be brought to justice but we never hear of them. All kind of necessities were enabled in KC before and now most of them are banned due to this incident and LC just acquired all the norms of the old KC. Openness has it’s perks but it does come with a huge backlash. Then why such double standards in presenting something about a institutions when all guys & gals living in Lahore knows what happens in colleges now a days, How students bunk classes and are found in Al-Nakhal and other random cafe’s of MM-ALAM Road, chillin’ going out with random people. I believe everything comes with a price which we all have to pay once in a while.

    And sometimes that acts as a REALITY SLAP across the face.

    Great article writing.
    Wish you best.

    Dr. Adnan

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  6. “wow new pressure tactics I love the girl oops she does’nt love me
    no problem lets force her into marriage oops dat aint working either so what kill the girl and there we the world would believe in the power of pakistani youth. Now girls should say yes to any loser roaming around feaing death at a pedestrian bridge instead of thinking wisely for her future”…. true isnt it? ;/


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