Transgenerational Sorrow


An engraving of the death of Astyanax

Tragedies are inspiring. I find myself sinking in deeper and deeper into every single line, every single verse, till I am so consumed by emotion that I just have to write when I’m done reading. Nothing said in praise of Greek Literature will ever be enough. I wouldn’t say I’m widely read in this particular genre, but I have taken it up on me to read something every now and then.

I finished “The Trojan Women” by Euripedes last night. Gripping, to say the least.

The words of the ill-fated Trojan women are haunting. Their grief is palpable. They scream, wail, implore to the gods, but who is there to listen. Faith is the worst thing to be lost.

Unfortunately for me, I lost something too; two of the three poems I wrote yesterday… Misplaced the scrap of paper I jotted them down on.

Here’s the forlorn piece that remains with me. The most inferior of the three, sadly.

I shall speak to the walls-

Pillars of stone-

Marble, granite.

Sans interruptions.

No judgements.

-You may question my sanity-

I’ll speak to the walls,

For you never listen.

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One thought on “Transgenerational Sorrow

  1. abichica says:

    amazing one.. 🙂


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