People die and no one bats an eye.

44 people lost their lives in the last two days in Karachi. What did they do to be kidnapped, brutally tortured and then murdered? They simply made the mistake of stepping out of their homes to earn a livelihood for their families.

It’s depressing to the point of angering me. Whenever I flip onto a news channel, the death toll seems to have risen. And what’s even more frustrating is the fact that no action is being taken against these terrorists. Who are these terrorists anyway? And what point are they trying to make, killing innocent people? It’s not just one person they are killing. With the breadwinner of a family gone, how are his family members supposed to support themselves?


A few of the men killed yesterday were out Eid shopping for their children when they were kidnapped. New clothes did come home; clothes that wrapped their dead bodies.

Rocket launchers, hand grenades and bullets from a thousand different guns are being fired into the air, and all the Home Minister does is ‘dream’. About time he dreamt up a plan to stop this carnage on the streets of Karachi.

While I’m writing this post, a popular TV show host is interviewing one of the most influential philanthropist of the world, Abdul Sattar Edhi. If only we had a few more self-less hearts beating in Pakistan, it would give us one reason to cling onto the feeble rope of hope.

News updates report another death. Security forces “patrol the streets” doing absolutely nothing.

Photo Courtesy: AFP

Are these terrorists invisible?? If there’s firing going on in different parts of the city, then why not just go arrest them??

Party politics will be the death of this country.

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