Today My Sun Was The Palest Gray

Opening eyes into a dull world is the worst thing that can happen. First impressions count a lot.

I woke up today to find that the sun was lost. The sky was crying, thundering in it’s anger at the runaway beacon. Bad sign, I knew. Torrential downpour has always brought about grief for me.

Today was no different.

The rain that began in the wee hours of the morning and is still refusing to stop put this wabbit in quite a depressive-poetic mood.

Today my sun was the palest gray

A daytime moon

Silver sadness

Eclipsing the gaiety yesterday I felt

My hand caught a teardrop

Then another

And another

Till the sky wasn’t the only one crying.

And now as the rain dwindles, so do I.

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6 thoughts on “Today My Sun Was The Palest Gray

  1. Tazeen says:

    Today, they told me it was my day,
    And sure enough, I heard my name
    Spoken by both — young and old
    In places where I’d never been…
    The chambers where I was unwelcome,
    The mosque where I never tread,
    And the greying graveyard
    Where fresh fragrances now dwell —
    Bedizened with my name.

    ~ T.R.

  2. Beautiful. Your poetry always makes me go some place. Always…

  3. Tazeen says:

    You write beautifully, yourself. (:

  4. Tazeen says:

    *Hug* *Snowflakes*

  5. Yaaay!! Snow!! *bunny goes thump thump thump*


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